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"It is very easy to get lost in the secular world or to forget our connection to spirit. And yet, without this link we are just dead beings."
-- African Proverb

Our Founder

The Soul Behind The Sanctuary: Nga Rama

I am Nga Rama, the pulse and purpose behind the Kimamba Center. As a devoted initiate of the ancestral Kongo order, my roots are deeply entwined with the Kimuntu Initiatory School. You could say I'm a modern mystic—a healer and intercessor—sitting at the crossroads where tradition dances with innovation, and the heartbeat of Africa syncs with the global rhythm.

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Not just an economist and finance graduate from the United States, I am also a visionary artist and transformative mentor. My unique blend of analytical acumen and artistic passion shapes my approach to life and leadership, especially as the multifaceted mother that I am. Becoming a mother has lit a new fire within me—a boundless sense of mission to pass on the beauty, wisdom, and empowering energy I've gathered over the years.

Yet my calling is greater than a role or title can capture. My life philosophy is steeped in the entrepreneurial spirit, which sees every moment as an opportunity to innovate, create, and venture into the uncharted terrains of possibility.

So, when you find yourself inexplicably drawn to me or the work that pulses through the Kimamba Center, know that it isn't mere coincidence. It's a sacred convergence of destinies, a mystical meeting of souls embarking on a transformative journey together.

The Kimamba Center: Your Sanctuary for Holistic Healing
At the Kimamba Center, we hold a deep conviction that true healing can only flourish from a place of inner peace and a connection so profound it touches the soul. We began our journey with the desire to guide others in this transformational process of holistic well-being. To that end, we offer a plethora of healing modalities, steeped in Africa's potent ancestral wisdom. From hands-on Reiki type healing and chakra (Muela) balancing to groundbreaking energy healing techniques—our haven is a tapestry of timeless wisdom and modern insights.

Whether you're on a quest for physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity, or spiritual ascendance, our sanctuary is tailored for you. Here, every service, every session, every moment is a step toward achieving optimal health and profound happiness.

I invite you to join us on this wondrous path of self-discovery and healing. As you step into our sanctuary, know that you're stepping into a community committed to your full spectrum of growth and healing. It's an odyssey that promises not just to enrich your life but to transcend it.

Are you ready to embrace, craft, and celebrate this awe-inspiring, multidimensional journey called life? Welcome to the Kimamba Center. Welcome home.

-- Nga Rama

Only for the committed ones. Get in touch if ready for

a radical and profound transformation.

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