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Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Steve Johnson

Ubuntu Unleashed

Team-building & Excellence Kongo


"Man is like the ant. Alone, it is harmless;
in small groups, work is done; in large numbers, it is a scourge."

-- African Proverb


Team-Building with Kongo Wisdom

Reimagine Team Dynamics

In a world that constantly demands 'more and faster,' we offer something infinitely more valuable — unity and depth. Ubuntu Unleashed takes team-building into new dimensions, creating an environment where each individual is acknowledged, respected, and celebrated.


A Pioneering Philosophy

Draw from the rich tapestry of Kongo wisdom to transform your team into a cohesive, harmonious, and high-performing unit. Experience the true power of Ubuntu — a principle that teaches us how our collective strength is infinitely greater than the sum of individual efforts.



For Schools

Our methods are innovative, unconventional, and packed with lessons stemming from ancestral wisdom. Equip your students, trainees, apprentices with the know how to build communities, inspire action, and most importantly, how to lead with a soul. Age doesn't define their ability to create change — their actions do.


For Organizations

Our programs are designed to resonate with every facet of your team members — mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and more. Venture with us into a realm where ancient Kongo traditions converge with modern aspirations. Unearth the magic, rediscover the wisdom, and embrace the evolution of soulful experiences tailored just for your teams.

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