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Gataki Healing

GATAKI Healing is quantum therapy of a most powerful high frequency which fuses with the consciousnesses of the 4 elements (WATER, FIRE, AIR, EARTH). Its impact is unlimited on emotional, mental and physical health as well as on the psyche. The patient is required to be in a state of openness and good collaboration with the practitioner (NGA GATAKI)


"Gataki is sheer happiness; enjoy an incredible power of healing."
Ntumwa Nswadi Kimbazi



The Gataki energy healing is a set of ancestral techniques for cleansing and balancing energy without hands-on intervention, channeled by Ntumwa Nswadi Ki-Mbazi, Nlongi of the Kimuntu tradition. Our treatments thus aim to balance the different elemental bodies of humans, including the Earth body (seat of foundations), the Fire body (seat of liveliness), the Water body (seat of emotions), and the Air body (seat of ideas), as well as the bi-mwelo (chakras) of the muntu (human).

This holistic quantum healing, derived from the legacy of gentle African medicine in the Kongo tradition, can be applied by any initiate of the Nkosi order of the Kimuntu tradition, meaning a traditional therapist or Nga Gataki on any body or object. As certified Ngas Gataki from the Kimuntu Initiatory School, Ngas (Practitioners) from the Kimamba Center are your intermediaries and transmitters of this powerful form of energy coming from higher planes.

Indeed, the energy used for our treatments comes from channeling the aura of MA AMA NKOSI, whom Egyptology calls SEKHMET THE LIONESS, channeled by NTUMWA NSWADI KI-MBAZI, founder of the Kimuntu initiatory school. Gataki's energy helps to develop and maintain your internal and external well-being in a simple and natural way by connecting you to your double.

This energy is called GATAKI, using the 4 elements (Water - Fire - Air - Earth) as well as the 5th element, the golden flame (NGI), also known as akasha (ether). These elements are major constituents of our subtle and physical bodies. Gataki is defined as the incarnation of conscious vital energy in our reality.

During a Gataki treatment session, the traditional therapist performing the treatment becomes an avatar (master of elements). The energetic inhabitation of consciousnesses allows him to bring energy from the consciousnesses that govern the elements within each elemental body of the Mpangi to purify and balance them.

During the Gataki treatment, the Nga, master of the elements, proceeds to merge the 4 elements, thus accessing the energy of the Golden Flame, the NGI (GATAKI energy) coming from Ma-Ama Nkosi (Sekhmet the Lioness). The powerful Golden Flame of Ma-Ama Nkosi leads to a rebalancing and stability of all your Bi-Mwelo (chakras).

The power of Gataki's energy allows among other things to relieve: pain, stress, emotional instability, malaise, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, insomnia, emotional shock, attention disorders...

A state of peace at soul level is experienced as soon as one connects to the Beautiful and Powerful Gataki energy.


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