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Kongo Astrology

Discover your life purpose

Need help in finding your purpose? You've come to the right place. With Ki-Ntuni, Kongo astrology, you now have access to the ancestral method of identifying your unique cosmic plan / life purpose; for understanding your soul's objectives, from healing wounds to contributing to your communities to transforming family patterns. An incredibly transformative system to help you find—and embrace—your paths in the world. 


"Fear enters the heart of those who know not their destiny."
-- Sundiata Keita

Imagine holding a magical compass, one that points not to the north, but straight to your dreams, your destiny. When you know where you're meant to go, fear becomes a shadow, lurking but never leading.


Sundiata Keita once said, 'Fear enters the heart of those who know not their destiny.' So dare to discover your path. Be fearless, like a champion in an age-old tale, with armor made of courage and a sword of conviction. The more you trust your journey, the smaller that shadow of fear becomes until it vanishes in the light of your purpose.

Embrace your destiny, soul adventurer, and watch as fear retreats from your heart.


Waiting list for Jan 2024 is now open. Space limited. Make your reservations early.

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