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Image by Nils Leonhardt

Kongo Nutrition

Regaining wellness one choice at a time


Get ready for an adventure unlike any other with our exclusive 1:1 life coaching and mentoring program! This isn't just life coaching; it's a full-spectrum experience that embraces holistic nutrition. Imagine foods that not only taste amazing but also ignite your spirit and sharpen your warrior's focus.

This is for you if your are seriously committed to leveling up both mind and body. Awaken the warrior within, let your soul shine, and become your best self, one magical lesson and mindful bite at a time. Guided by a mentor who gets you, are you up for this life-changing challenge? If so, this journey could be the key to unlocking a life as radiant as you dare to dream.



Feast on foods that illuminate your soul


"Illuminate from within, one magical
and conscious bite at a time."

-- Nga Rama

Image by Daniel Norin

Imagine being a warrior, but instead of armor and sword, your tools are your choices, one bite at a time. As you feast on foods that are alive and vibrant, you awaken an ancient, magical power within.

This isn't just fuel; it's a soul's feast, nourishing your eternal essence, just as Nga Rama says. And remember, even warriors must adapt, embrace change, and be gentle with themselves. The road to radiance is not a sprint but a lifelong quest.

Learn to be kind and indulge yourself in life's simple pleasures. Each step, each bite, is a part of a bigger journey—a journey to rediscover the heavenly experience that isn't beyond the stars, but hidden in your senses. And so, with the mind of a warrior and the heart of a sage, you illuminate your own path, one mindful, magical bite at a time.

Only for the committed ones. Get in touch if ready for a radical and profound transformation.

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