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Kongo Science

A gateway to your intrinsic nature

The Kimamba Center is deeply rooted in the primordial Kongo tradition, a sacred science that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, manifesting worldwide under various nomenclatures. Kongo is not confined to a specific people, tribe, or even a nation; it represents a heightened state of consciousness that empowered our ancestors to establish awe-inspiring civilizations.


"Immerse Yourself into a Science that nourishes your soul."
-- Nga Rama

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Only for the committed ones. Get in touch if ready for

a radical and profound transformation.

This universal influence can even be seen as far afield as Japan, where Kongo references pervade various aspects of culture and history—from the valorous Bushi Kongo warriors to the famed Battleship Kongo of the Imperial Navy. Notably, Kongō Gumi, the world's oldest continuously operating company based in Osaka, also shares this ancestral connection.

At its core, Kongo is a consciousness that serves as a gateway to your intrinsic nature, unshackling you from generational burdens and limiting beliefs. It is a science—both art and discipline—of healing and liberation that extends its benefits into every facet of human life, from emotional well-being to spiritual enlightenment.

During the age of Pisces, the essence of the Kongo tradition was sadly veiled, misunderstood, and even demonized. But as we transition into the Aquarian age, referred to in Kongo as "Ntandu Dia Kinati Masa," this venerable science is experiencing a resurgence. Its wisdom is now accessible and inviting to all, irrespective of your ethnic background or skin color, and aims to be a universal conduit for spiritual elevation and holistic well-being.

Now, as we stand on the cusp of a new era, the Kimamba Center invites you to be part of this transformational journey. Imagine unlocking a hidden treasure within you—a treasure so luminous, so potent, that it ignites not just your path but the paths of those around you.


As you engage with the teachings of the Kongo tradition, you're not just seeking healing for yourself; you're becoming a beacon of wisdom, a catalyst for change, resonating with the harmonic frequencies of the universe. This is not just an opportunity; it's a calling. Will you answer?

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