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Ma Ama Nkosi

The first and highest creative force

Picture a radiant heart, beating at the center of the universe, giving birth to endless energies that ripple outwards like beams of light. This heart, which the Ancients refer to as the Source, is not just the heart of the universe; it's the heartbeat of everything around us and within us. It is a celestial powerhouse that is as boundless as infinity itself. It’s the purest energy, capable of creation, transformation, healing, and ultimate protection.


"The power of the baobab tree is in its roots."
-- African Proverb


Ever felt an indescribable energy around you, like the vibrant pulse of a song that resonates deep within? That's the Source, and its energy is everywhere - as vast and limitless as the universe itself. This power can create, heal, protect, and inspire.

Imagine this energy as a brilliant actor, playing countless roles on the stage of life. Sometimes it's the fierce strength of a lioness, other times the gentle flow of water or the fiery blaze of the sun. Each role might look different, but it's all played by the same actor. This energy takes different forms, from the grains of sand beneath your feet to the vast expanse of the stars above.

Why do our elders speak of totems, like the lioness named NKOSI? Because these symbols help us connect with that incredible energy. Ever wondered why the lion is often crowned the king of the jungle? It’s not just because of its might, but because it embodies an ancient energy, a story that's been whispered through time.

Every gust of wind, every drop of water, every flicker of flame, and every patch of earth sings this story. They're all different notes in the beautiful symphony of the Source. And YOU, too, are a part of this song.

At the Kimamba Center, we harness the aura of NKOSI, the energy known as GATAKI, a blend of all the core elements: water, fire, air, and earth. It's the unseen fifth element, a force that ties everything together. This powerful fusion guides our purpose and mission.

Join us, and let's dive into the epic tale of the universe, reconnecting with the boundless energy and rediscovering the infinite power that thrums within all of us.


Only for the committed ones. Get in touch if ready for

a radical and profound transformation.

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